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For additional information regarding AchieveTexas or to share your stories, please contact Dr. Karen L. Alexander, AchieveTexas Project Coordinator, at Texas Tech University (karen.alexander@ttu.edu).

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What is the AchieveTexas College and Career Initiative?

"...combining rigorous academics with relevant career education..."

AchieveTexas College and Career Initiative is an education initiative designed to prepare students for a lifetime of success. It allows students to achieve excellence by preparing them for secondary and postsecondary opportunities, career preparation and advancement, meaningful work, and active citizenship.

AchieveTexas is designed to help students (and their parents) make wise education choices. It is based on the belief that the curricula of the 21st century should combine rigorous academics with relevant career education. When schools integrate academic and technical education, students can see the "usefulness" of what they are learning. The system also facilitates a seamless transition from secondary to postsecondary opportunities.

This initiative used the National Career Clusters© Framework, which is based upon sixteen federally defined career clusters (http://www.careerclusters.org), as the foundation for restructuring how schools arrange their instructional programs. A career cluster is a grouping of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities. The sixteen career clusters provide an organizing tool for schools, small learning communities, academies, and magnet schools. Programs of Study (POS) have been developed for each of the career clusters. The POS represent a recommended sequence of coursework based on a student's interest and career goal.

CTE Leadership & Professional School Counselor Academies

Click on the following links to find out more information about the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Leadership Academy and/or the Professional School Counselor Academy. Both of these academies online applications are now available.

New Career Cluster Crosswalks

The AchieveTexas College and Career Initiative is pleased to release fifteen (15) validated crosswalks at this point in time connecting the cluster courses TEKS with the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards. This has been an ongoing project that included the assistance of content experts such as classroom teachers (CTE and Core Academic), postsecondary faculty, and business and industry partners to complete validation surveys. Visit the Career Cluster Crosswalks link to access the crosswalks that are currently available.

Read the article highlighting AchieveTexas by the National Career Pathways Network--click here.

Spanish Guide

Check Out the Spanish Language College and Career Planning Guide!

Averigüe el nuevo Colegio español del Idioma y la Guía de Planificación de Carrera. ¡Haga clic aquí para más información!

"Afecta positivamente a un estudiante, y su impacto responara para siempre."`